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Fear Factor Party Ideas

Teenagers love challenges, especially those where they need to show their courage. So, why not throw a Fear Factor party for them?

Invite your friends over and dare them to participate in your party activities! But don’t push the limit — you’re responsible for safety of your guests!

Plan your party using theme ideas below…


You can simply use theme picture to create Fear Factor party invitations. Download the show logo off the internet, and print it on index cards. Then write party details on the blank side.

Fear Factor Logo

Write “If fear is not a factor for you, then join us…if you dare!” Next, include date, time, and other party details. Remember to tell your guests to wear clothes that they don’t mind getting a bit messy.

As an alternative, you can create spooky party invitations in Halloween style: with images of spiders, bats, scary eyeballs, and so forth.


Yellow and black are best colors for Fear Factor party decorations. Spread out balloons and paper streamers in those colors around the backyard. Play theme music from the TV show.

Decorate living room with black lights, cobwebs, plastic rats, cockroaches, and flies. Tie a yellow “Caution” tape in the area.

Cover party table with yellow tablecloth. Place some more plastic creatures on it.


Give out such cool Fear Factor party favors as chocolate covered insects, glow-in-the-dark accessories, gummy eyeballs, skull keychains, and so on.

Fear Factor Party Games

Split the group into pairs or teams. Create a point structure where first finishers get most points in each challenge. Count total points at the end of the competition, to see which team is the Fear Factor champion.

*Test of Endurance: Invite the guests to test their physical endurance.

Get them to take one of the harder yoga poses (e.g. bridge or downward facing dog pose) and see who can stay the longest in the pose without moving their bodies.

*Eating Challenge: Here is a fun theme activity with a twist.

Before the party, empty a can of dog food and wash it thoroughly. Then fill the can with edible potted meat, and put a lid on a can. That way the participants think they’re about to eat dog food.

Place equal amounts of meat in bowls, and get the guests to eat the meat as fast as they can. The person who is the fastest in this challenge, gets the most points.

*Unlock to Win: For this challenge, you’ll need identical locks and a few extra keys.

Tie one person from each team to a chair with a rope, and handcuff them. Set up one kiddie pool per team. Fill it with cold water, and place several keys in each pool: the real key for the lock and several fake ones. Fill the pools with water and place bags of ice so the water is very cold.

The team that manages to unlock and untie its team-member the fastest, wins. Players may only take one key at a time. Then they run to the person who’s tied, and if they have the wrong key — they must repeat the process.

*Is It Gross or Not?: For this activity, each teams gets a pail. Place coins inside the pail, and cover coins with worms, or any other insects. Get the participants try to get as many coins out of their pails as they can in 30 seconds keeping the worms in the pails. The team with the most coins out — wins.

*Unusual Relay: Organize a team relay where the participants have to crack the eggs, pour the yolks into their mouths, run to the other side of the area and spit the yolks out into a separate bucket.

Then they run back to tag their teammate, who repeats the process. The team with the most yolks “transferred” in a given time, gets the most points.

Food and Drink

Fear Factor Party Cake:

*Fear Factor Cake: Bake a rectangular cake. Let it cool. Draw a center line with a toothpick. Use Fear Factor image as a guide to decorate your cake.

Frost one side of the cake in yellow, and the other side in black. Then draw letters: “Fear” in black on yellow side and “Factor” in yellow on black side of the cake.

Fear Factor Party Food Ideas:

*Snake sandwich: Make a long sandwich out of French baguette bread, and decorate it. Make fangs out of carrot pieces, tongue out of red pepper slice, and so on.

*Worms on a bun: Cut hot dogs in thin slices, and boil (or microwave) them until they curl like worms. Serve on a bun.

*Bat wings (chicken wings)
*Tuna salad
*Chips and salsa
*Chocolate covered bugs

Fear Factor Party Drink Ideas:

*Swamp water: Add raisins in ice cube trays with water and freeze. At serving time, add green food coloring to lemonade, apple juice or lemon-lime soda. Then place ice cube trays with “flies” (raisins) in drinks.

*Root beer

Star Wars Birthday Party Ideas

Are you interested in throwing Star Wars birthday party for your child? Then this is a place for you!

Invite your guests over and have them train into mighty Jedi Knights to help rid the galaxy of the Darkside forever!


Print images of Luke Skywalker and Yoda on the front of your Star Wars birthday invitations. Then create speech bubbles around their heads. Luke may say “Master Yoda, what must I do?” And then include Yoda’s reply: “To (your child’s name) Star Wars birthday party, go you must. And get me a soda!”

Star Wars

Then on the inside of the cards, print a picture of Yoda and write speech bubble again, but leave it blank. Ask the kids to fill in what they think Yoda could say. (Announce that there is going to be a prize for the funniest entry, as voted by kids at the party.) Then include all the remaining Star Wars birthday party details.

Secondly, you can ask your child to read the invitations in a dramatic voice as you record the speech with a digital recorder. Then copy the message on audio CDs for all your Star Wars party guests. Decorate the CDs with permanent markers, and place them in envelopes decorated with Star Wars stickers. The idea of having to play audio message will be considered very cool! (You can ask your child to read the message that appears below, near the end of the “Invitations” paragraph.)

Thirdly, you can take a photo of your child in his Star Wars costume. Using image optimizing software, you can edit it – so it looks like he is fighting Darth Vader with a lightsaber (by copying and pasting your child’s photo onto Star Wars movie image.)

Lastly, you can print your invitations in rows starting with smaller font and going to larger font (like in the beginning of Star Wars movies). Start with “In a galaxy far, far away, on the morning of (birth date), a baby was born.”

Then continue with “The Jedi Council named him (child’s name) and they knew he was the chosen one.

In the (age of the child) years that followed his birth, young (name) has been learning the powers of the force.

Meanwhile, the republic discovered a new enemy. The Jedi knights felt a strong disturbance in the force. Fear, pain and suffering have opened the path to the Darkside.”

“Many Jedi Knights have been lost. The very future of the Jedi Order is now in jeopardy. Young Padawan (child’s name) has been called by the Jedi Council to seek out future Jedi. Master Yoda is urging the younglings to complete their training and take part in the upcoming trials.”

“Padawan (guest’s name) presence is requested to complete his/her Jedi Training and prepare for the trials on (date). Transport to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, will be departing promptly on (time) from the (your last name) System, Docking Bay (address). Please advise the Jedi Council as soon as possible at (phone number) whether Padawan (guest name) will accept the challenge of the trials. May the force be with you!”

At the bottom of the page write “Please note that due to new Security Protocols in the Republic, no weapons will be allowed on all transport vessels. Please forgive the inconvenience and rest assured that the Jedi Council has secured enough equipment for the Padawans to complete their training.”

Ideas for Star Wars birthday party invitations are endless – just use your imagination!


For your Star Wars party decorations, use as many theme items as you can. Mark the party spot by tying balloons in the front of your house. Tape Star Wars images onto the fence. Play Star Wars theme music in the background.

Ask your child to color the driveway with theme drawings (e.g., spacecrafts, lightsabers, etc). Tape a couple of Star Wars posters outside. Attach some Star Wars toys to trees, walls and other fixtures.

Have some fun with decorating inside the house. You can split your room into parts (or decorate two different rooms.) One side can represent the “Light” side and the other one – the “Dark” side.

The Light side can be decorated in light colors and with blowups of characters like Luke Skywalker, Obi Wan, etc. The Dark side can have dark sheets over windows, black poster board on the wall, pictures of Darth Vader and other evil forces.

Tape glow-in-the-dark stars to the ceiling. (You can also hang planets from the ceiling – they are available from educational stores.) Hang toy spacecrafts from the ceiling on fishing lines. (Arrange them so it looks like there is a space battle.) Mount Star Wars posters on the walls. Paint several rocks with glow-in-the-dark paint and spread them around the room to look like moon rocks.

Cover your Star Wars birthday party table with a theme tablecloth. Ensure that each place setting has a Star Wars party plate, napkin, cup and utensils. Place Star Wars toy in the middle of the table for a centerpiece.

Guest Arrival and Introductory Activities

As the kids arrive, welcome them to your Star Wars birthday party. Provide each child with a lightsaber and put on a removable tattoo on part of his or her body.

*Coloring Pages: For younger kids, have Star Wars coloring pages available. Have children color the pages with crayons and markers while they are waiting for other guests to arrive.

*Star T-Shirts: For this Star Wars birthday party activity, you will need white t-shirts (one per guest), a newspaper, sheets of white paper, permanent markers and pens.

Cover the table with a newspaper and lay out the t-shirts. Insert a sheet of paper inside the t-shirts to prevent bleed-through. Cut star shapes out of paper (one per guest) and write Star Wars birthday party guests’ names on them. Next, tape the star shapes to the shirts (so the kids know who the shirts belong to).

Have every child draw a Star Wars theme picture on the front of his or her t-shirt. Next, get them to walk around the table and autograph the backs of other guests’ shirts. This will make a great Star Wars birthday party memento.

*Starscape Mural: Attach (or draw) several star, planet or moon shapes to white butcher paper. Set up bowls of markers, crayons, glitter, and star stickers.

Ask the kids to create their own Star Wars battle by using the bowls of craft items to draw spaceships, and anything else they feel could be found in space. Ask Star Wars birthday party guests to initial their part of the mural.

This mural makes a great keepsake. If you so desire, you can cut the mural with scissors and mail each party guest’s creation with ‘thank you’ notes.


For your Star Wars party favors, give out such items as Star Wars posters, glow-in-the-dark bracelets, lightsabers, gummy candy, Star Wars sticker sheets, posters, crayons, yo-yos, etc.

Star Wars Party Games

*Pass the Death Star: To prepare for this Star Wars birthday party game, you’ll need a couple of clear (or transparent) balloons, confetti, several small balls (no more than 1″ thick), and Star Wars theme music.

Before blowing up the balloons, fill them with a half-hand full of confetti and several small balls. Blow up the balloons and tie them closed. (As the balloon is passed around a circle, the confetti and small balls within the balloon will bounce around as if the ‘death star’ is exploding.)

Ask the kids to sit in a circle. Hand the birthday child the ‘death star’ balloon. Explain that everyone must pass the death star around while the music plays. When the music stops, the child holding the death star must “explode” out of the circle. Keep playing until only one player remains.

*Pod Race: You’ll need two suitcases (use old suitcases if you have them) or another wheeled item such as little wagon.

Split the Star Wars birthday party guests into two equal teams, and have the teams divide themselves into pairs. One person leads the pod racer, while the other person rides on the suitcase. Have each pair race to one end of the party area, switch places, and then race to the other end and back to their team. The first team to have all pairs cross the finish line wins!

*Holocam Guess: In this Star Wars birthday party game, children take turns appearing as if delivering a message through a Holocam that’s lost its sound capacity. (A Holocam records holographic images that enable Star Wars characters to send visual messages to each other.)

Each guest writes down a chosen Star Wars character and then acts that person out, making movements and sounds (but no words). The rest of the children guess who the player is. (Before the game, ask the kids if they’d like to include characters from all the Star Wars films or limit them to a specific sequel.)

*Jedi vs. Sith: First, pick one or more players to be Jedi knights, and everyone else is a Sith. When the Jedi hear command “May the force be with you!”, they must try to catch as many Sith as they can. If players get caught, they must go to a designated area called “Sith Prison,” where they must stand still with their legs spread apart.

To be rescued, one of their Sith friends has to crawl through the captured player’s legs. Keep playing the game until everyone has been caught, or it’s time to move to the next Star Wars birthday party game.

*Shapeshifting: In Episode II, Senator Amidala was nearly killed by a creature that could change into different forms to hide its identity. In this Starwars party game, players take on new identities (and silly ones, too!).

To start, you’ll need a large bag (or two) filled with clothing, accessories, and costume items (the bigger and the more outrageous the costumes, the better).

Have the players stand in a circle. Play some Star Wars theme music and get the kids to pass around the bag(s). When you stop the music, the player holding the bag must reach in, pull out a clothing item, and put it on. Keep playing the game until all the items are gone. Take photos of the children with their new identities.

*Jedi Obstacle Course: Jedi get to test their skills with this race. Before the game, set up various obstacles in your yard that kids have to go through: jumping over a pile of leaves, walking along a narrow board, running around a table or chairs, etc. (For the indoor course, you can set up wastebaskets, pile of books, chairs, pile of toys, pillows, etc.)

At race time, line the kids up single file. One by one, have them run through a series of obstacles, while you time them with a stopwatch. The fastest kid wins the race!

*Jedi Training: This activity will be a huge hit at your Star Wars birthday party! Before the event, tape-record different sounds, such as a car turning on, a bicycle bell, teapot boiling/whistling, etc. Take pictures of everyday items, and have them greatly enlarged or reduced.

At party time, have all players sit in a circle. Explain that their super powers are about to be tested.

Star Wars

First, test their super hearing abilities by playing the pre-recorded sounds one at a time. Either have the children yell out their guesses to the names of the sounds, or have them write answers on pieces of paper.

Second, test their super-abilities to see. Reveal the enlarged and reduced pictures of everyday items one at a time. Have everyone guess the items.

Finally, test their tasting abilities. Blindfold one of the guests. Bring out a bowl full of items to eat. Make sure to cover the bowl with a napkin so the other kids can’t see all of the food items. Take one food item out and let the blindfolded child taste that food. Keep feeding the child different food items until the child guesses correctly. Then move on to the next child.

*Meteor Shower: Before blowing up balloons (you should have three or four balloons per guest), stuff a small toy or prize inside. Then blow up the balloons and tie closed.

Gather the children in the center of the play area. Toss balloon meteors into the middle of the gathering of Star Wars birthday party guests and instruct them to destroy the meteors to uncover the prizes. Toss enough balloons so all the guests have enough meteors to burst.

*Asteroid Rock Search: Wrap prizes in tin foil. Hide foil-wrapped prizes throughout the Star Wars birthday party area. Announce that it’s time to search for the prize-filled caters. Watch as the kids search, discover and reveal.

*Decorate Your Home Planet: Hand out two paper plates (stapled together) to each guest. Instruct the kids to decorate their “home planets” with glitter, paint, sequins and markers.

*Millennium Falcon Relay: Cut four Millennium Falcon shapes (about 8″ to 10″ circles) out of cardboard. Let the birthday child color them with markers (or wrap them in aluminum foil so they look like the real Millennium Falcons).

Divide Star Wars birthday party guests into two equal teams and give the first person in each line two Falcons. Explain to kids that the Falcons become the only thing they can step on as they travel from the front of the line, around a chair and back to the line again.

On the command “Go,” have children place one Falcon on the ground and step on it. Then they place the other Falcon on the ground in front and step on it. Next, they pick up the first Falcon and place it on the ground in front of the other. When they reach the finish line, they hand their Falcons to the next player in line. The team to make it all the way around the course first wins.

*Movie Scene Act Out: Rent or purchase the birthday child’s favorite Star Wars film. Select a scene with favorite characters and write down all the dialogue on index cards (one card for each character). Purchase props and costumes appropriate for the scenes. Set the videotape or DVD so it will begin playing at that scene.

Gather the children around and explain that it’s time to act out a Star Wars scene. Show the guests the scene by playing it on video or DVD. Assign several kids their parts and give each one a card with their dialogue. Other Star Wars birthday party guests will watch until the scene is acted out. Then the children that formed the audience switch places with the actors.

Food and Drink

Star Wars Birthday Cake:

*Solar System Cake: Bake one 9″ round cake and one mini round cake. Prepare or buy several cupcakes.

Arrange the cakes like the solar system. (Star Wars takes place in a galaxy far away, but it is similar to our galaxy in many ways.) Use licorice ropes for the rings around Saturn.

Frost one cake green and blue (use vanilla icing and food coloring) for Earth. Frost the cupcakes in various colors using frosting and food coloring. If you frost thickly, pressing with different size measuring spoons, then you will be able to make craters on some of your planets.

Star Wars Birthday Party Food Ideas:

*Space Dogs in a Blanket: You’ll need hotdogs, cheese, and refrigerated crescent rolls.

Slice hotdogs lengthwise about halfway through, making sure not to cut apart. Cut cheese into strips. Unroll crescent rolls into individual triangles. Place a hotdog (with a slice of cheese inserted into a cut) onto roll. Roll up crescent and bake as directed, or until golden brown.

*Green Space Popcorn: For this Star Wars birthday party recipe, you’ll need 2 cups sugar, 1 cup light corn syrup, 2/3 cup margarine, 2 packs flavored powder drink mix (green), and 1 tsp soda.

Boil sugar, corn syrup, and margarine together for 3 minutes. Stir in soda and powder drink mix. Pour over 6 quarts of popcorn. Bake at 225Ā°F for 45 minutes, stirring every 10 minutes. Remove from oven and break up immediately.

*Star Cookies: Prepare the birthday child’s favorite cookies. Cut into star shapes (using cookie cutter) before baking. Decorate with sprinkles or jimmies.

*Chocolate Lightsabers: For this Star Wars birthday party treat, you’ll need white and dark chocolate, lightsaber or cigar mold, and tin foil.

Melt chocolate. Pour into mold and refrigerate. When solid, wrap one end of each in tin foil to form the lightsaber handle.

*Grilled Sandwiches
*Macaroni & Cheese
*Fruit Kabobs
*Potato Salad
*Veggies & Dip
*Ice Cream

Star Wars Birthday Party Drink Ideas:

*Pink Space Slushies: To prepare this Star Wars birthday party drink, you’ll need cherry soft drink, raspberry sherbet and maraschino cherries.

Mix sherbet with soft drink for a pink, frothy beverage (best when prepared in a punch bowl to minimize mess). Garnish with some cherries.

*Yoda Soda (add lime sherbet to ginger ale)

*Darth Malt (mix vanilla ice cream and strawberry soda in a punch bowl)

Dress up Party Ideas

Dress up party is a great theme for a girls-only bash. Your friends will really enjoy it!
Ideas below are mostly suitable for a teen party, but with minor changes they can work well for preteens as well! Let’s get started…


Be creative with your dress up party invitations.

Go through magazines, and cut out pictures of clothing items that you like. Next, staple two pieces of paper together. On the front page, write “Fashion Weekly” at the top and glue images of outfits below. Include party information on the other page.

Or, use simple invitation cards. Write party information. Then punch a hole at the top corner of the cards, and tie an elegant bow.

Tell the girls to bring one or two outfits to the party with high heel shoes and other fashion accessories. Ask them NOT to wear any make-up.


Decorate your dress up party room in purple, gold and silver.

Drape a few paper streamers and hang balloons in those colors. Tie nice bows to make your place look elegant.

Move some bulky furniture out of the room. Mark a fashion show runway on the floor. At party time, dim the lights and light candles to create intimate atmosphere.

Use purple tablecloth to cover the party table. Sprinkle shiny confetti all around it, and place some fake jewels and sequins.

Guest Arrival and Introductory Activities

Place a red material (for red carpet) on the walkway leading to the front entrance, and take a picture of of each girl posing as they arrive to the party.


For dress up party favors, purchase inexpensive rings, purses, mirrors, cool necklaces and bracelets, lipstick, nail polish and other make-up.

Dress up Party Games

*Match it Together: Spread out several fashion magazines on a coffee table. Have the girls go through them and pick clothes they think would work well together. Have a group discussion where the guests share ideas with each other.

*Manicures and Pedicures: Invite the party goers to get their nails done. It’s ideal that there is a professional nail technician to do the job. But you can also ask a beauty-conscious relative or friend to help out.

*Make-up and Hair: Have a professional beautician assist the girls putting on make-up and doing their hair. They will love it!

*Model Fittings: Have the girls put on their outfits. Check to make sure that the items match well and fit properly.

*Fashion Show: This is when the real fun begins. Have your friends walk the runway in pairs. As they approach the audience they have to stop and strike a pose, when one of the helpers takes a photo. Have them switch outfits backstage as models do at fashion shows. They even can trade clothes with each other.

*Photo Shoot: After the girls had a chance to be podium models, now it’s their chance to be photo models. Have them pose in front of the camera, as a professional photographer takes pictures from different angles.
*Star Interviews: At the end, young “models” can give interviews in front of the camera. And if it’s a birthday party, they can say their birthday wishes, too.

Food and Drink

Dress up Party Food Ideas:

Your party food should convey style and elegance, yet be simple enough to prepare. Here are some ideas:

*Canapés (tiny sandwiches)
*Pizza (cut in small star shapes)
*Caesar salad
*Fruit tray
*Chocolate tarts

Dress up Party Drink Ideas:

Serve your drinks in champagne flutes and martini glasses.

*Mock Champagne: Mix together 4 parts ginger ale, 4 parts carbonated water, and 3 parts white grape juice.

*Cinderella cocktail: Combine 2 oz. of club soda, 1 oz. lemon juice, 1 oz. orange juice, 1 oz. pineapple juice, and dash of grenadine. Mix well and serve.

*Fruit juices

Cowboy Birthday Party Ideas

Make the cowboy birthday party your theme, and host a western party for young party goers. So saddle up, it’s time to ride into the sunset!



For cowboy birthday invitations, create “Wanted” poster out of brown cardstock. Draw (or attach) the sheriff’s badge to the poster. Mail the invitations in large envelopes.

The wording of your cowboy party invitations can be “Howdy Partners! We’ll be needing your towns people buckaroos to help celebrate Outlaw (your child’s name) __th Birthday! Y’all get ready for the hoedown at the (your last name) Ranch on (date) at (time).”

“So jump on your horse and mosey on over for some tasty grub and boot stompin’ fun! Give us a Yee Haw at (phone number)!”

Secondly, you can design your cowboy birthday party invitations out of bandannas. Be creative: write a party message on the bandanna where the righting will fit. Plan how you want the invitations to look, and lightly write the message in pencil.

Lay the bandannas out on a smooth surface covered with waxed paper. Use a dimensional paint pen to write the message large and clear. Be careful not to smear the words as you write. The paint will need to dry overnight before you can fold the bandannas.


Borrow some bails of hay, if you can, and spread it around your yard. Decorate the area outside your house to look like a rodeo or a ranch. Put up “Wanted” outlaw posters on the fence.

If you have any sawhorses, turn them into dummy horses for fun. Put up a sign “Welcome to (your last name) Ranch!”

Hang lassos and cowboy hats around the party room. Put Old West mural or posters on the wall.

Create store signs for typical Wild West merchant stores, such as blacksmith, livery, and dry goods. Design or rope off a corral. Spread any theme items that you might have around the room (i.e. boots, horseshoes, etc.)

You can also build a small western town out of large cardboard boxes. (The best place to get large cardboard boxes is motorcycle dealership like Harley Davidson.) You can decorate each cardboard box like a jail, saloon, hotel, etc. You can go extra mile and design your own cutout cowhand standees to be used for taking pictures with.

Cover your cowboy birthday party table with a western theme tablecloth. For a centerpiece, you can have a cowboy hat, or a bowl filled with toy horseshoes.

Guest Arrival and Introductory Activities

Greet your cowboy birthday guests as they arrive, and provide each one with a bandanna, a cowboy hat, and a squirt gun.

*Cowboy Vests: For this cowboy birthday party activity, use a large brown paper grocery sack with no printing on it. If the bag has printing, paint it after making the cuts to fit.

To make the front opening of the vest, cut from the center of one open end toward the bottom of the bag. Next, cut a square hole for the neck. Also cut square holes for the arms. Make the holes big enough so children don’t tear them when they move. Fold back the top two corners to make a collar.

Paint the front and back of the vest red using acrylic paint and a paintbrush. Let it dry.

*Horseshoe Decorating Activity: Get a horseshoe craft kit from a party store. Get the kids to decorate their horseshoes with paint, gems and stickers.


For cowboy birthday party favors, give out cowboy hats, bandannas, sheriff’s badges, removable tattoos, etc.

Cowboy Birthday Party Games

*Lasso Practice: Have a lasso contest to see what the kids can round up. Tie a rope into a large circle, and have the children take turns trying to toss it around a sawhorse or other inanimate object.

*Western Tag: Create some fun atmosphere for your cowboy birthday party guests – play a one-legged game of tag. Have everyone hop using only one leg.

*Wild West Showdown: You’ll need a squirt gun for each player and a sheriff’s badge. Pick one western party helper to be the sheriff. Divide your guests into two groups. Have them stand in two lines facing each other. Now each player turns around, standing back-to-back to a player from the other group.

As the sheriff counts to ten, each person takes ten steps forward and then stops. When the sheriff announces “Draw,” everyone turns around, points their squirt gun at anyone in the other group.

Any two players who are pointing their squirt guns at each other are both “out.” Players who are pointing at someone who is not pointing back at them stay in the game. The game continues until only two people remain.

*Squirt-Gun Sharp Shooting: Set up lightweight plastic bottles on a fence or table, and have the kids shoot them off for points.

*Sidewinder Jump: In this western party game, children must avoid the “bite” of a rattler – a 10-foot rope.

Have two children (or helpers) hold the rope and whisk it back and forth along the ground. Kids jump over the “rattling snake” without touching it. For older children, raise the rope several inches off the ground. See who can stay the longest without being “bitten.”

*Wild Wild West Saloon: Set up a gambling casino in the “saloon” and play cards, roulette, checkers, coin toss, and other games.

*Keep Your Hat On: Divide your western party group into two teams. Line the kids up on one side of the playing area, and put one chair for each team on the other side.

The players must put on a cowboy hat, run to their chair, around it, and back passing the relay leg to the next person in line. If the hat falls off, they have to pick it up – and start from where it fell off. The team to finish first – wins.

*Pin the Tail on the Horse: At cowboy birthday party, you can have some fun with classic Pin-the-Tail game. Have the kids pin the tail on the horse where it belongs.

*Horseshoes: You can get the kids to play a real game of horseshoes using two stakes and four horseshoes. Or, you can get plastic horseshoes and have the children toss them into a cowboy hat.

*Cowboys & Sheriffs: Here is great cowboy birthday party game to play outside on a hot summer day.

Divide the kids into two groups (“cowboys” & “sheriffs”). Give cowboys time to hide in the area. Have the sheriffs try to find them. When they do, a squirt-gun war will break out – which is always fun for the kids! (Be sure to ask the kids to bring change of clothes if you decide to include this game)

Food and Drink

Cowboy Birthday Cakes:

Horse Cake

*Horse Cake: Bake 13x9x2″ cake. Cut and arrange the cake according to the pictures. Frost the entire cake brown.

Make a “horse mane” out of white frosting. Braid the licorice for reins and bridle. Place Necco wafer for the eye. Add a jelly bean for the nose.

*Sheriff’s Star Cake: Bake two square cakes. Cut one cake into five triangles. Place the triangles on the sides of the whole cake. Frost the cake, and decorate it with the names of heroes from the old West.

Cowboy Birthday Party Food Ideas:

*Chili Dogs: Put 8 hotdogs on grill rack over medium-hot coals. Grill for 3-5 minutes, or until heated trough. (Be sure to turn hotdogs around with tongs). Put hotdogs in buns, and arrange on a serving tray.

Put 15-oz can chili and 1/2 cup salsa in a medium saucepan. Cook until heated through, using the wooden spoon to stir constantly.

To serve, put chili mixture, 2 sliced green onions, shredded cheddar cheese, and crushed corn chips in serving bowls next to hotdogs. You can assemble the dogs any way you like.

*Fruit Kabobs
*Campfire-Roasted Marshmallows
*Pork & Beans
*Old-Fashioned BBQ Steak
*Corn on the Cob
*Baked Potatoes
*Moo Cream (Ice Cream)

Cowboy Birthday Party Drink Ideas:

*Root Beer (served in beer cups)
*Ice Tea

Mickey Mouse Birthday Party Ideas

Mickey and Minnie are favorite characters for many children from all over the world. And any youngster would be extremely excited about having a Mickey Mouse party for his or her birthday.

Here you’ll find a selection of ideas to make your party a total success. Let’s start with…


For your Mickey Mouse party invitations, take a photo of the birthday child posing with his or her favorite Disney plush toy. Print that picture on the front of the invitation cards. Write “Mickey & Minnie want you to come to (child’s name) Birthday Party.” Then write party information on the inside.

Mickey Mouse

For a different idea, draw outlines of Mickey’s head (one large circle for head and two smaller ones for ears) on black cardstock. Next, cut out the shapes and write party details with red marker.

The wording can say “Oh, Toodles…Look who is turning (age). Join us for a fun celebration at Mickey’s Clubhouse.” Don’t forget to write the address and time of the party.

Lastly, you can print theme coloring pages off the Disney website. Then fold the paper in half, and write party info on the blank side. Mail the pages for the guests to color. This idea works especially well for a toddler party.


For Mickey Mouse party decorations, use red, white, yellow and black colors.

Cut a large Mickey’s head shape out of black construction paper, and mount it near the entrance.

Draw footprints of Mickey with chalk on the walkway leading to the front door. Post a sign that says “Welcome to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!”

Spread out Disney theme stuffed toys around the scene. Put up posters (or pictures) of Mickey and friends on the wall. Hang balloons and streamers in bunches around the area.

Draw the Mousekadoer (giant Mickey-head shaped computer) on a large piece of paper and tape it to the wall. Hang a sign that reads “Meeska Mooska Mickey Mouse.” Play tunes from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

Cover the party table with red or yellow table cloth. Print and laminate pictures of Mickey and Minnie, and have them at each setting for placemats. Tie balloons to the back of the chairs.

Guest Arrival and Introductory Activities

*Disney Transformations: As children arrive to the party, give them Mickey Mouse headbands (available at party outlets) to wear during the event. Color the tip of their noses with face paint or black marker.

*Color Mickey: Spread out Disney coloring pages and dot-to-dots on the floor. Offer crayons and pencils to the kids, and have them color their favorite characters.

*Watch the Show: Invite the kids to watch an episode from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse while their waiting for all the guests to arrive.


For Mickey Mouse party favors, give out such items as theme stickers and coloring pages, Play Dough clay, bubble-blowing containers, crayons, Mickey headbands, Mylar balloons, and so on.

Mickey Mouse Party Games

*Mickey’s Easter Egg Hunt: Before the party, print and laminate pictures of decorated eggs. Next, hide them around the party area.

At game time, get the kids to find as many “Easter eggs” as they can. Give them clues, such as arrows drawn on the cards showing where to look. Offer help to younger kids in the group, and make sure that children find roughly the same number of eggs.

To make it more realistic, you might want to get plastic eggs (that open) from a party store. You can fill them up with candy and other prizes, and put theme stickers on the eggs.

*Mickey, Mickey, Goofy: Play a theme version of Duck, Duck, Goose game. If most of your party guests are girls, then you can name the game Minnie, Minnie, Daisy!

*Don’t Wake the Giant: This Minnie Mouse party game is a lot of fun for young kids.

Ask one of the adult to be Willie the Giant. He would lie down on the ground and pretend to be asleep. Place different toys close to the giant’s body (near his arms, legs, etc.). Get the kids to try to snatch the toys without “waking” the giant.

If the giant wakes up and spots somebody trying to pick a toy, that kid goes out the game and receives a prize. Let the very young kids stay in the game even if they get caught. They will be giggling with excitement.

*Bark Like Pluto: One at a time, have the kids demonstrate their best barks. Award prizes for the scariest, funniest, loudest, most real…bark. Set up the activity so each guest wins one prize.

*Meeska Mooska Counting Game: Here is a great activity for very young children that allows them to review (or learn) how to count.

Get the kids to form a circle. Have them hold hands and move in one direction in the circle. Say “Let’s find out how many Mickey Mouse Clubhouse guests we have tonight.”

Get one child to say “Meeska, Mooska, one” (with all the other kids repeating the line), then next child “Meeska, Mooska, two”, next “Meeska, Mooska, three”, and so on — until you finish going around the circle. Next, do the count backwards starting with the person who led off last round.

*Mickey (or Minnie) Says: Play a theme version of Simon Says game.

*Dance & Sing Along: Plug in a video of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse into your DVD player (or put on Mickey Mouse CD), and let the kids dance to the music and sing along.

*Birthday Pinata: Get a theme pinata (e.g. Mickey Mouse ears pinata) and let the children swing at it blindfolded, one at time, starting with the birthday child.

Food and Drink

Mickey Mouse Birthday Cake:

*Mickey Mouse Cake: Bake one 9″ round cake and two 6″ round cakes. Position the cakes so the bigger cake is the face, and two smaller cakes are the ears of Mickey.

Frost the face with white frosting. Print a picture of Mickey off the internet. Use that image as a guide to outline the face of Mickey with a toothpick. Use cake piping bags to add facial features in color. Frost the ears with chocolate frosting.

Mickey Mouse Party Food Ideas:

*PB&J; Sandwiches: Use cookie cutters of various shapes (stars, hearts, etc.) to cut the sandwiches.

*Mickey Mouse Sundaes: Use ice cream and melon ball scoops to create Mickey’s face.

Put one large scoop of vanilla ice cream (using bigger scoop) for face, and two scoops (using smaller scoop) for ears. Add 1 chocolate chip for nose, 2 chocolate candies for eyes, and push in 2 Oreo cookies for ears.

*Daisy Crackers: Spread cream cheese on small round crackers. Cut grapes in half, and place 6 grape halves in a circle. Add blueberry in the center.

*Hot Dogs
*Mickey Mouse shaped hamburgers
*Rice Krispies
*Jello Jigglers (cut and arrange in Mickey Mouse face pattern)
*Cubed cheese

Mickey Mouse Party Drink Ideas:

*Clubhouse Smoothies: Serve fresh fruit smoothies.
*Ginger Ale

Dora Birthday Party Ideas

What an exciting idea it is for a preschooler to have his or her Dora birthday party! Let’s start an amazing adventure with these Dora the Explorer party ideas.


Make your Dora birthday party invitations out of a cardstock paper. They should roughly be 5″x7″ in size. Design the front outer boarders of the invitations with pictures of Dora the Explorer and her friends. You can even have the picture of your child among them.

Dora the Explorer Party

Add pictures of adventure items like backpacks, binoculars, maps, palm trees, etc. Include your Dora birthday party details in the center. You can say something like “Join us for an amazing Dora the Explorer adventure!”

On the back of your invitations you can draw a simple map of your neighborhood. Just include known landmarks like a school, mall, restaurant, etc. on your map.

Remember to mail your invitations 2-3 weeks prior to Dora birthday party.


Decorate your backyard and house with balloons in theme colors – blue, purple, orange, pink and yellow. You might also want to have Mylar Dora the Explorer balloon. Have paper streamers in green to make them look like vines. Create a Safari scene in front of the house that you can use to take pictures of all the children! Send those pictures along with thank you notes after the party.

Spruce up your walkway and/or backyard with flower decorations.

You can also hang bright paper lanterns on tree branches. Cut out some animal footprints and spread them on the driveway.

Hang several Dora the Explorer posters along with jungle theme pictures on the walls (i.e. pictures of bright shining sun, palm trees, tropical animals, etc).

Make sure to have arrows or signposts around your house which will lead the kids from one activity to the next. Set up Dora hideaway that younger kids will love sneaking away to in between the activities.

Decorate your table with Dora tablecover and have a theme blowout for a centerpiece.


You can get Dora the Explorer pinata before the party. When children are ready to swing a bat to break the pinata, have them count in Spanish, “Uno, dos, tres.”

Guest Arrival and Introductory Activities

Start your Dora birthday party by welcoming all your guests with a big party welcome.

Hand each Dora birthday party guest a “map” with the names of all Dora party games and food items that you are planning to have. Spread those Dora activity names out on a sheet of paper and have the arrows leading from one activity (whether game or food) to the next.

*Friendship Bracelets: Divide kids into pairs. Give each child a string and beads. Ask them to string beads around the string to make bracelets. Get them to give a complete Dora’s Friendship Bracelet to their partner. Be ready to assist the kids if help is needed.

*Dora’s Binoculars: Have the children tape two rolls of toilet paper (or one paper towel roll cut in half) together. They can cover the ends of the “binoculars” with colorful plastic wrap. Then secure them in place with rubber bands. Next, let your Dora birthday party guests decorate the binoculars with adventure-related stickers (jungle, safari, backpack, etc.), glitter glue and markers.

*Colorful Paper Plate Shakers: Hand out a white paper plate to each child. Have them start decorating the underside of the plates with markers, glitter glue, stickers, or tempera paint. Let the plates dry. Place some dry beans, dry macaroni, etc. on each plate. Next, fold over the plates and tape securely around the edges. Ask the kids to make some noise with their “paper plate shakers”!!

*Monkey Face Craft: Have the kids create cool monkey faces that they can take home after the party.


For Dora party favors, you can have favor bags for every child. Fill the bags with theme items, like compasses, binoculars, Dora’s bracelets, stickers, and so on.

I personally like this Favor pack because of its great value.

Dora Party Games

*Great Adventure Obstacle Course: Set up an obstacle course with household objects like chairs, tables, cardboard boxes, pillows, etc. Hang green paper streamers like vines over the course.

Line the kids up and have each child go through the obstacle course. Give each child a high-5 after completion and compliment with Dora’s line, “We did it!”

*Backpack Discovery: Select household items with interesting shapes and textures. Fill your backpack with them. Have kids sit down in a circle. Pass the backpack around. Allow children to feel the items in the backpack. Ask them to grab one item and try to guess what it is without looking at it. If the child guesses right, he or she gets to keep the object as a prize.

*Dora, Boots, Swiper: This Dora party game is a variation of a classic Duck, Duck, Goose. Have your Dora birthday party guests sit in a circle. You can start the game by having one child going around the circle tapping each child lightly while saying “Dora, Boots, Dora, Boots.”

When he or she says “Swiper”, the tapped guest will get up and chase him or her around the circle. The goal is to tap the child before he or she can sit down in the open sit. If Swiper succeeds, he gets to go around and tap other players repeating the process.

*Dora’s Soccer Course: This is a great active outdoor game for your Dora birthday party. You will need a child-size soccer ball. Design and draw a map of an obstacle course prepared in your backyard or local park. Include such obstacles as trees, bushes, slide, sandbox, log, flowers, etc. Have a final goal at the end of the course – actual soccer net or a pair of sweatshirt will do just fine.

Review the map with all the children so they understand how to go through the obstacle course. Clarify all the details to them. For example, explain that they would need to dribble soccer ball around the tree or kick the ball over the sandbox. Roll the soccer ball over to your birthday child. Encourage him or her to dribble the ball around the obstacle course. Get the other kids to cheer!! Let all the children go through the course. As they kick through the final goal, celebrate by singing “We Did It!” song.

Dora the Explorer

*Dora Dice: Dora Dice (pronounced dee-say, in Spanish “says”) is a variation of Simon Says. Have birthday child to be Dora first. Get her to lead the group by saying things like “Dora dice jump” (hop, clap your hands, turn around, etc.).

When she exclaims “dice”, all the kids are supposed to follow her movements. On the other hand, if she doesn’t say “dice”, the kids should stay still. Have other children play Dora as well.

*Dora’s Circle of Friends: Glue pictures or place stickers of Dora characters on paper plates. Distribute one paper plate for each Dora birthday party guest. Write the character names on small pieces of paper, fold papers, and put them in a hat. The game starts with children putting their plates in a circle on the floor. Next, play Dora’s theme CD with kids walking in a circle when music starts.

When the music stops the children must hop on one of the paper plates. Pull one character name out of the hat. Whoever is standing on that character’s plate is out of the game (remove that plate out of the circle). Keep the game going until there is only one person left remaining in a circle.

*Dora’s Basketball-Puzzle Game: Prepare a child-size basketball and a basketball hoop (or a bucket). Plus, get two large animal posters. Glue the posters to cardboard or construction paper for sturdiness. Draw and cut out small puzzle-like pieces out of each poster, so you have an animal puzzle (To save time and effort, you can just buy two animal puzzles).

Divide the group into two teams. One player at a time, children attempt to make baskets with a ball. Alternate players from each team. Give the team a piece of a puzzle for each basket made. The objective of the game is to figure out the animal in the puzzle.

*Dora Treasure Hunt: Before the game hide treasure in your Dora birthday party room or backyard. Hide three treasures per child (you can use things like Dora’s bracelets, bubble bottles, toy binoculars, etc.). Draw a treasure map highlighting three landmarks (sofa, TV set, tree, sandbox, etc.) where the treasure is hidden. Let the kids find the treasure. Help them if they get stuck. You can use treasure items as Dora birthday party favors.

*Jungle Weave: Lay paper streamers on the floor or ground. Have kids each grab the end of streamer and then form a circle. Tap children counting “Uno, dos, tres, cuatro, cinco, seis, siete, ocho, nueve, diez”.

Next, get the even-numbered kids go under the streamers to their right, and odd-numbered go to their left. They can repeat it several times. The streamers will get tangled. The objective of the game is to untangle the streamers. Children will have to work together with their partners who are holding the opposite end of the streamer.

Food and Drink

Dora Birthday Cakes:

*Dora Cake: Buy yellow cake mix and prepare the cake according to mix directions. Frost the cake with white frosting. Cut out a picture of Dora from paper plate, napkin, wallpaper printout, etc. and place it on top of the frosted cake. Trace the outline of Dora with a toothpick. Remove her picture from the cake. Draw Dora’s outline with cake writing gel by tracing over the lines you left with a toothpick.

Use brown color gel to decorate Dora’s eyes, pink color for her shirt, purple for the backpack, and so on (use picture for guidance). Mix green food coloring and shredded coconut. Spread the mixture under Dora’s feet for grass. You can decorate the cake with palm trees: use small pieces of chocolate licorice sticks for tree trunks and spearmint gumdrop leaves for palm tree leaves. Your Dora Cake is ready!

*Boots the Monkey Cake: Cut 2 cupcakes in half vertically. Prepare 1 round cake according to directions. This will be monkey’s head. Place one cupcake half on each side of your prepared round cake. This will make monkey’s ears. Place another cupcake half in the center of the round cake for a nose. Dye the white icing purple with the purple food dye. Then ice the whole cake with it.

Dora Birthday Party Food Ideas:

*Explorer’s Empanadas: Buy packaged pie dough. Divide it into 12 small balls. On a lightly floured surface, roll each ball into a circle. Combine about 2 1/2 cups of finely chopped cooked chicken, 2 tbsp blanched slivered almonds, 1/4 cup raisins, 1 tsp chili powder, 2 tbsp mild salsa, and 1 egg in a mixing bowl. Put 2 tbsp of the chicken mixture on each circle. Fold the circles over and press the edges together to seal the empanadas. When the empanadas are ready for cooking, you can either fry them in hot oil for 3 minutes on each side or bake them in an oven that has been preheated to 400Ā°F for 15 minutes.

*Star Catcher Taco Stand: You’ll need ground beef, taco seasoning mix, taco shells, salsa sauce, sour cream, guacamole, chopped tomatoes, chopped cilantro, chopped onions, chopped lettuce and shredded cheese. Cook ground beef with taco seasoning mix. Place all the taco ingredients into several bowls. Spread the bowls out on the birthday table. Let your Dora birthday party guests pick ingredients and help them prepare their tacos.

*Postre de Mango (Mango Mousse): You’ll need 1 fourteen-oz. can of condensed milk, 2-lbs of fresh ripe mangoes (peeled, cored, sliced), 2 tbsp lime juice, 1 cup chilled heavy cream…Put the condensed milk, mangoes, and lime juice in a blender. Puree the mixture until it becomes smooth. Whip the cream until it’s almost stiff and add into mango puree using spatula. You can pour it into individual dessert dishes or one large container. Chill the mixture for at least one hour before serving. Garnish with sliced bananas or strawberries.

*Diego’s Chicken Quesadillas
*Swiper’s Cheese Enchiladas
*Trail Mix (inquire if any Dora birthday party guests are allergic to nuts)
*Tortilla Chips with Guacamole
*Jicama with Salsa
*Mexican Rice
*Any kind of animal-shaped food (crackers, candy, etc.)
*Boots the Monkey Banana Splits

Dora Birthday Party Drink Ideas:

*Purple Monkey Punch: Mix grape sherbet and club soda (or ginger ale) together. Garnish with sliced bananas.

*Boot’s Orange-Banana Smoothie: Mix vanilla yogurt, ripe bananas, orange juice, ice cubes in blender. Pour into hollow coconut shells or glasses and serve with straws.

*Monkey Milkshake: Combine 2 cups of nonfat milk, 1 medium banana, and 1 tsp unsweetened cocoa in blender. Blend until smooth. Repeat the process to make sure you have enough milkshake for each Dora birthday party guest.

Spa Birthday Party Ideas

If you’re looking for ideas for girls-only party, then spa party theme fits the bill perfectly.

Theme ideas on this page are more suitable for teens. But with some minor changes, you can easily adapt them for pre-teens and younger kids as well.

You can take the girls to a spa. For a less expensive alternative, you can invite a student from a local beauty school.


For spa party invitations, print a picture of a girl with a facial mask on the front of invitation cards.

Below the image write “It’s a Spa Birthday Party! Your appointment is at ___ o’clock.” Then write party details inside.

As a variation, get brochures or flyers from a local spa. Then fold them in half, and write your party information on the blank side.

Remember to tell the girls to bring towels, robes and slippers.


When your guests arrive to the party, they have to feel that special relaxing atmosphere. All your spa party decorations have to add to it.

So it’s better to have less decor items, than to have something that won’t work with the overall theme.

Set up several trickling fountains. Place aromatherapy candles, beauty products, and similar items around the room. Spread out women’s magazines on the coffee table.

Fill a glass bowl with water, and have a pretty flower floating in it. Place some facial tissues and extra towels around the scene.

Light candles and dim the light during the party. Play new-age relaxation CDs.

Guest Arrival and Introductory Activities

Have a helper (“hostess”) meet your guests, offer green tea or mineral water, and then escort them to a changing room.


For your spa party favors, have such things as cremes, bath lotions, gels, scrubs, soaps, lip gloss, hair clips, nail polish, and so on.

Spa Party Games & Activities

Set up several “stations” around the house. It would be ideal if you invite your guests to arrive in equal groups.

For example, if you have 10 guests and 5 stations, then split them in 5 groups of two. Invite girls from the first group about 15 minutes ahead of everyone else, and so on. This will guarantee a smooth transition for the guests from station to station.

*Manicures: For this station, set up one or a couple of tubs with warm water for soaking the hands in. Have a nail polish remover handy, in case the girls have polish on. Have small containers of hand creme along with scissors, buffers and nail files.

Have adult manicurist perform her magic on girls’ hands.

*Pedicures: Have a foot tub, lotion and nail polish. Hand teen and women’s magazines to the ladies to browse through during the procedure.

*Facials: Offer your guests a facial treatment such as exfoliation or an application of a facial mask. Ask a beauty consultant for her recommendations on best procedures.

*Cucumber Treatment: Cut English cucumbers and place them in several bowls. Have the girls take a couple of cucumber pieces and put them on eyes for a soothing effect.

*Massage: Have the guests lay down on bed, sofa, or anything else comfortable. Have a masseuse give them relaxing massages.

*Make-up Application: Have an experienced beautician put on make-up on ladies’ faces. Ask her do something different for each person: apply different products on eyes and cheeks, various colors on lips, etc. That way every girl feels unique and special.

*Movie Time: At the end of the party, invite the guests to watch one of the popular girls movies and relax.

Food and Drink

Spa Birthday Party Cake:

*Spa Cake: If you opt to have a cake at your party, then get creative! There are many things you can come up with.

First, you can bake a round cake and decorate it so it resembles a bathtub or Jacuzzi with bather in it.

Or, you can bake a rectangular cake. Place a mask on top of it, and create a “make-up” for it out of fondant. Then add other decorations with a cake decorating tip.

Spa Party Food Ideas:

*Grilled chicken
*Fettuccine Alfredo
*Fruit platter
*Strawberries dipped in chocolate
*Ice cream

Spa Party Drink Ideas:

*Sparkling grape juice
*Mineral water
*Virgin cocktails

Sweet 16 Birthday Party Ideas

Sweet 16 party is very special! No longer a child and not yet an adult, sixteen is an exciting time.

Your sweet sixteen party can be extremely formal or quite casual. Depending on its size, you may rent a hall or have it at home. It’s really up to you! Whatever you choose to do, just remember that this your special moment. The one you will remember for the rest of your life!

You may choose to have a theme for your celebration. This website has a lot of theme ideas that you can use. Below you’ll find some specific tips for planning an outstanding sweet 16 bash.


Use invitation cards for sweet 16 party invitations. Print your baby picture and a present-day picture on the front. Then sprinkle some gold and silver glitter on it. Write your party information inside the cards, and attach a golden ribbon at the top.

For a different idea, you can make your invitations look like a drivers’ license with a picture, address, Class of (year), height, etc. Remember to include all the party specifics.

For a formal party, you can opt for getting your invitations professionally done. Just make sure it fits your budget. Specify whether it’s a formal, semi-formal, or casual party and what the guests should wear.


Purple, pink, silver, and gold are great colors for sweet 16 party decorations. Have helium balloons and paper streamers in those colors. Use inexpensive red material for the “red carpet” on your walkway leading to the front door.

String clear Christmas lights around the walls. You can have some ribbon streamers hanging from the ceiling. Cover the bottom edges of window sills with fake flowers. Create a large banner that says “Sweet 16”, and tape it on the wall.

Get some digital photo frames, and upload important pictures of your life from different ages. Turn the slideshow feature on, so the pictures change automatically. Place the frames on furniture. You can even use these digital frames for centerpieces as well. They are awesome!

Rent a fog machine, and place it near the dance floor. Have a chocolate fountain set up in the area. Place a few bowls with fruits that the guests can put chocolate and snack on.

Cover your party tables with purple or silver tablecloths. Place vases with flowers, and glasses with floating candles. Scatter confetti on the tables.

Guest Arrival and Introductory Activities

*Guess How Many?: Place some candy in a clear jar before the party. When the guests arrive get them to guess how many candies are in the jar. The winner gets to take the jar with candy home.

*Picture Montage: Officially kick off the party by showing everyone a power-point presentation showing your pictures growing up.


Picture frames, bracelets and necklaces, bow ties, mini purses, gift certificates, movie tickets make great sweet 16 party favors.

Sweet 16 Party Games and Activities

It’s ideal that you have a DJ at the event. Ask your friends if they can recommend anyone.

Even though your party will revolve around music and dancing, here are some extra activities you might want to have for a variety.

*Poster Signing: Create a poster with pictures from childhood to the present day. Place that poster on the table near the entrance. Each person will sign it with best wishes. This will be a great memento from the party that you will cherish for years to come.

*Dance with Dad: To get the party started on the dance floor, ask the DJ to put a slow song. You and your dad will have the first dance.

*Don’t Stop the Music: This is the time when the music really starts to pump. Have the DJ mix a few tracks to get the guests into the groove.

Remember to tell the DJ beforehand the type of songs and music you’d like to have at your party.

*Funky Salsa: Why not try something new? Invite a salsa instructor over, and have her teach a few moves to the party group. Once the participants get a hang of it, put on real salsa tunes, and have everyone give it a try.

*Do the Limbo: Have a limbo stick, and have the guests go under it while the music is playing. Lower the stick every time, and see how low can your friends go.

*Truth or Dare

*Karaoke: Rent a karaoke machine for those who get tired of dancing.

*Sweet Sixteen Movie: You can have a few of your closest friends stay over, and watch some movies such as “Sixteen Candles,” “High School Musical,” and so on.

Guidelines and Tips

Prepare for worst-case scenarios and how you would handle them. What if your DJ doesn’t show up? What if teenage boys get in a fight? What if someone arrives drunk? and so on.

If you plan to have a lot of teenage boys at the party, consider hiring a couple of security guards or ask a few parents to help out. This will help control any rowdy activity.

Serve alcohol only to people over the age of 21. Set up a bar where teenagers can have “mock” cocktails, virgin margaritas and other safe drinks.

If you plan to have the party at your house, then let your neighbors know. With energized teens around, it’s going to get noisy. So keep your neighbors in the loop, and mostly likely they will look at the situation with understanding.

To have a smooth and safe celebration, have some extra adult help. You should have 1 grownup per about 5 guests.

Food and Drink

Sweet 16 Birthday Cakes:

*Sweet 16 Cake: 3-Tier cake is the best choice for sweet sixteen birthday.

Bake 3 round cakes in slightly different sizes. Frost them in color of your choice. (Pink or white are best.) Decorate with fondant, and stack the cakes on top of each other. Place “16” on top of the cake.

*Purse Cake

Sweet 16 Party Food Ideas:

*Meatballs and pasta
*Chicken Parmesan & rice
*Pizza (lots of it for a bigger crowd)
*Fruit tray
*Vegetables and dip
*Strawberries covered in chocolate
*Caramel apples

Sweet 16 Party Party Drink Ideas:

Serve your drinks in plastic martini and margarita glasses.

*Sparkling grape juice
*Strawberry daiquiris
*Virgin margaritas
*Fruit punch

Masquerade Party Ideas

Masquerade party is all about the dress-up. It’s just not as fun without the costume. It would be ideal that all your guests wear one, but don’t be too hard on them if they don’t.

This page will help you plan your event with all the party specifics, including invitations, decorations, food and so on.


Purchase paper masks. (To find inexpensive ones, take a look at the supplies link above.) Write your party information on parchment paper, roll the invitations into scrolls and attach them to the masks.

Ask the guests to wear the masks to the party. Have some extra masks available just in case. Ask the guests to come dressed in Mardi Gras type costumes (Dukes, Sorceresses, Kings, Queens, Jesters, etc.)

Since costume party requires a lot of preparation for your guests, send or hand deliver your invites about 2 months prior to the event.


Purple, blue, green, gold are ideal colors for masquerade party decorations. Adorn your party area with helium balloons and paper streamers in those colors. Play the Phantom of the Opera soundtrack.

Rent a disco ball and fog machine, and put them to use to create a festive atmosphere. Scatter glitter beads and masquerade mime cutouts (available from party stores) around the room.

Draw and color fleur-de-lis shapes on construction paper, and hang them on the walls. Hang masks decorated with blue and purple feathers.

Cover your party table with a purple tablecloth. Place a vase with a tea light candle for a centerpiece. Add some more balloons and streamers to the scene.


Provide such party favors as beads, masks, crowns, tiaras, lace gloves, bracelets, and so on.

Masquerade Party Games

*Guess How Many: Place gold chocolate coins in a clear jar. Have each party attendee to guess the number of coins in the jar. The person who guesses the closest to the actual amount, gets to take a jar full of chocolate home.

*Picture Taking: Take individual and group pictures of your guests wearing their costumes and masks.


*Celebrity Trivia: Have a trivia game where you test guests’ knowledge of famous people: actors, singers, athletes, TV personalities, etc.

*Truth or Dare

*Dance, Dance: Play some upbeat music and invite your guests to dance. Tip: if you feel that your guests are not very open to the games, then have them dance for the whole party.

Food and Drink

Masquerade Birthday Cake:

*Masquerade Cake: Bake a rectangular cake. Let it cool, and ice it in a color of your choice. Write a party message on it, and then place a masquerade mask with feathers on top of the cake.

Masquerade Party Food Ideas:

*Roast beef
*Mashed potatoes
*Caesar salad
*Chicken pasta
*Tray with cheese and grapes
*Strawberries dipped in chocolate
*Ice cream

Masquerade Party Drink Ideas:

Serve your party drinks in champagne flutes or wine glasses.

*Sparkling grape juice

Survivor Party Ideas

Survivor party theme is very popular on this site. It has it all: a suspense, a mental challenge, and a test of strength and endurance.

Invite your friends over, and challenge them to outwit, outplay, and outlast the competition. I’m sure they will have a fantastic time!


For your Survivor party invitations, find the TV show logo on the internet. Then print the image on white index cards. Write party information on the blank side.

Survivor Logo

The wording can start with “Congratulations! You’ve been selected to take part in taping of Survivor (Name). Please report to the main camp at (time) on (date)”, etc.

Tip: Look up “Hawaiian name translator” on the internet, and then type in your name to get its match in Hawaiian language. Use your Hawaiian name in the Survivor party title.

Ask the guests to wear comfortable shoes, and bring a swimsuit, towel, and a change of clothes, if needed.

Et innlegg delt av Lisa-abigail (@lisaki39)


Lime, green, turquoise are fabulous colors for Survivor party decorations. Set up a fire in your backyard, and scatter around some tiki “castaway” torches along the walkway. Play Survivor theme music throughout the party.

Place idol-like figurines and tribal masks around the scene. Put up signs and names of the tribes. Mount a few colorful flags in the area. (Or, you can invite the guests to create their own flags after you split them into tribes.)

Put colorful cloth over the party table. Place a mask or an idol for a centerpiece. Fill up the empty space with balloons and streamers in theme colors.

Guest Arrival and Introductory Activities

Before the party, fold and place bandannas in 2 colors in a box. When the guests arrive to the party, have them pick a bandanna from the box without looking. This is the best and most fair way to divide the group into tribes.

Have one of the party helpers act as a host of the show. He or she will go through the rules, as well as interview the participants at the end of the party when it’s time to cast a vote.


There are different items that you can give out: cool t-shirts, bandannas, postcards of exotic destinations, theme posters, Survivor memorabilia, leis, flip flops, and so on.

Survivor Party Games

When organizing your party games, I recommend a set-up with team and individual challenges. At the end of the party, the contestants vote for the sole Survivor.

The party starts with 2 tribes competing against each other. Then at one point during the party, the tribes “merge” and players compete individually.

You have a couple of options for determining the winner. First, you can have the players vote for someone who they think outperformed everyone else in the challenges. This works best when you have an older group of teens or the guests don’t know each other very well — so there are no “popular” votes.

Second, you can create a point system where the participants get points for finishing first. For example, in team competition you can have all members from the winning tribe getting 100 points and members of the other tribe getting 80 points. Set up a point structure in individual challenges too, where everyone gets points depending on where they finish in each challenge.

To make sure that everyone is having a great time, I don’t recommend voting people off after challenges.

*Build a Shelter: Place 2 identical packed tents on the ground. Have the tribes compete trying to build their tents the fastest.

*Blindfolded Challenge: Set up an obstacle course in your backyard by using chairs, cones, tires, a kiddie pool, and so on.

At activity time, blindfold all players except for one member from each tribe. Have the participants decide who that will be. Those 2 people will verbally guide their tribe mates (tied to each other) around the obstacle course. The tribe that finishes first, wins.


*Water Relay: Here is a fun team water relay. Place 2 empty small buckets near the starting line, and 2 buckets filled with water on the opposite side of the area.

Give 1 sponge to each tribe, and have them transfer water from one side of the area to another in a relay format by soaking and wringing out the sponges. The tribe which bucket overflows first, wins.

Announce that the tribes have merged into one. All other challenges are individual ones.

*Got the Marbles?: Have the contestants sit on a stool or a chair. Place tubs filled with icy cold water in front of them. (Borrow the tubs and chairs from friends if you need to.)

The players race to get as many marbles as they can with their toes in 1 minute.

*Food-Tasting Challenge: Before the activity, prepare some unique foods: grapes and cheese covered with salt, mashed potatoes with candy in it, or a rare vegetable (ex. jicama) raw or steamed.

Blindfold the contestants, and get them to guess as many food items as they can. Award points for the most correct answers, and declare a winner at the end of the activity.

*Word Scramble Challenge: For this Survivor theme party activity, print lists of scrambled words (available online) on sheets of paper. Invite the participants to unscramble the words.

*Survivor Trivia: Play a trivia game. Categories may include common knowledge, pop-culture, geography, languages, movies, music, and so on.

*Final Vote: Interview each contestant in front of the group asking about the competition, other players, and where they think they stand in the competition.

Then invite the participants to vote for the sole Survivor. Tell them that they must base their vote on the game and how the person they’re choosing have performed throughout the challenges. (They can’t vote for the themselves.)

Then have them walk up to a table a distance from the seating area, where they write the name of a person on a piece of paper, and say into a camera why they choose him or her.

The explanation must be valid: they can’t choose somebody because he or she is their best friend. The camera also gives evidence that no one has put their own name.

Finally, tally the votes and announce the Survivor. Award prizes to all the contestants.

Food and Drink

Survivor Theme Party Cake:

*Survivor Cake: Bake a rectangular cake. Let it cool and frost it white. Download a picture of Survivor logo off the internet. Use that image as a template to outline the logo onto the cake. Then ice the cake in Survivor colors.

Survivor Party Food Ideas:

*Pineapple boats: Slice a pineapple in half lengthwise, removing the insides. Next, refill with pineapple chunks, cherries, raisins, and coconut.

*Ants on a log: Cut celery in about 5″ lengths and fill with almond butter. Put some raisins (ants) on top.

*Grilled chicken
*Hawaiian pizza
*Chips & dip
*Hot dogs
*Ice cream

Survivor Party Drink Ideas:

*Root beer
*Ginger ale
*Fruit punch